Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Warm Bodies

Tonight I went to an advance screening of the new movie "Warm Bodies" which stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. The movie is about a future world where half the population was killed and turned into zombies. In addition to the zombies an additional portion of the population turned into animal-like "skeletons". The "skeletons" essentially used to be zombies but they are much more savage and ruthless and don't possess the capacity to speak at all. Both the zombies and the skeletons eat human brains to survive. One of the zombies, who goes by the name "R", saves Teresa Palmer's character Julie from being eaten alive by other zombies. He takes her to his home to keep her safe from the zombies and the skeletons. While she is staying with him, he realized he is falling in love with her. He tells her to wait and stay with him until it is safe for "R" to bring her back to the wall that separates the human world from the zombie world. A couple of times she tries leaving on her own but she is almost attacked by zombies. The first time, "R" finds her and tells her to pretend to be a zombie so the zombies don't attack her. The second time the zombies detect that Julie is human, but "R" shows them that he loves her by holding her hand and when the zombies see this, they back off. Rob Corddry of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart plays "R"'s best friend who at this point decides to help "R" and Julie escape some skeletons. The story gets complicated when "R" confesses to Julie that he killed her ex-boyfriend. Julie then decides to go back to the human world, and leaves "R" while he is having his first dream since becoming a zombie. "R" has all the memories of her ex-boyfriend in his brain because he ate her ex-boyfriend's brain, so he uses those memories to find his way to Julie's house in the human world. When they reunite, Julie confesses that she missed "R", and she and a friend go to tell her father, a military leader, that the zombies can change their ways and find humanity just like "R" did. In fact while "R" was finding Julie, all the zombies who had seen "R" and Julie together had begun to have a heartbeat and recover their humanity. The skeletons sense this change and don't like it, so the zombies have to prepare for a fight with the skeletons and end up enlisting the human army to help in their fight. Some of the skeletons noticed "R" and Julie and try to attack them but in the end "R" and Julie manage to escape them. At the end of the movie, the zombies are welcomed into the human world and given help in re-integrating with society. I loved this movie, and recommend it highly. It was funny, romantic, and there was also a healthy dose of action. Below is the trailer for Warm Bodies.

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Nicholas Hoult also has another upcoming movie "Jack The Giant Slayer" which is a new spin on the classic tale of Jack And The Beanstalk. The movie comes out March 1st, and the trailer is below:

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